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With all our of packages, you will have clickable prototype, tested by real users. Got questions or need help selecting a package? Call us or hit the chat button.

  • 1 sprint week
  • 2 UX Design Strategists
  • 1 Design Sprint
  • 2 workshop days
  • Product Road Map
  • 3-6 Screen Prototype
  • 5 Real User Testing Interviews
Advanced Prototype
  • 2 sprint weeks
  • 2 UX Design Strategists
  • 1 Design Sprint
  • 3 workshop days
  • Product Road Map
  • 6-10 Screen Prototype
  • 10 Real User Testing Interviews
  • +1 Iteration Sprint
Dev Ready MVP
  • 4 sprint weeks
  • 2 UX Design Strategists
  • 1 Design Sprint
  • 5 workshop days
  • Product Road Map
  • 8-12 Screen prototype
  • 10 Real User Testing Interviews
  • +2 Iteration Sprints

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is First MVP?

FirstMVP is a service provided by Toi for rapid digital prototyping. We use cutting edge process to be able to offer enterprise quality strategy and design to everyone at fixed costs and timelines.

How does it work?

We utilize highly collaborative Design Thinking Workshops call Design Sprints. All of our UX Strategist have been trained and certified in the process which was developed by Google Ventures.

Each project runs on a very strict schedule where we compact months of work in to days or weeks.

What does the cost include?

It depends on the package you select. Each package includes workshops, strategy sessions and a user tested clickable prototype designed by your dedicated expert UX design team. You also get product research and a product roadmap as well. 

How many packages can I have at any one time?

  • Concept – For companies looking to test your idea.
  • Prototype – For those who are clear on what they are doing and would like a deeper, advanced version of what they are doing.
  • MVP – For companies who are ready to go to market with their MVP and want something that is “dev ready."

What is a Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a 4-day process for discovering new concepts, testing big ideas, and building or improving products, websites, or experiences. The sprint begins with two days of workshops and ends with a designed and tested prototype that either validates the original idea or discovers new insights to be considered for the original idea. It compresses months of work into a few days.

How long does it take?

That depends on which package you choose: 1 week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks. With any of our packages, you will have a user-tested design in 1 week.

What are workshop days?

Workshop days are when we utilize cutting edge design thinking processes in a highly collaborative environment. Our UX Design Strategists will facilitate the workshops with your team (up to 4 participants). All of your ideas will be documented and the best ideas will surface to the top.

Where will the workshops take place?

The Workshops can take place remotely with software called Mural or for an extra fee, we can do in person workshops in our offices in San Francisco or Los Angeles or we can send designers to your offices (travel cost extra).

What is an Iteration sprint?

The iteration sprint is often used after the design sprint to refine or add to the prototype from the design sprint that was executed in the previous week. The iteration sprint can only be implemented after the conclusion of a design sprint.

What is a Research Sprint?

The research sprint is dedicated to surfacing problems, challenges, or ideas based on user data, interviews, and surveys. The sprint begins with formulating and dispersing user surveys and audits of current or potential new users of a digital product or site and ends with a user research report with recommendations and next-step suggestions.

Can you develop my MVP?

Our development partners will provide you with estimates before your project starts and an updated quote after your project is complete. You can choose which verified dev partner you would like to work with or use your own.